Praise Report: Healed Of Tonsil-Related Illnesses

My wife and I used to be from a performance-focused church where the demand for man’s works was very high. As a result, we were often physically and mentally drained. Not only that, we often felt guilty for failing to meet the church leaders’ expectations.

However, our Christian lives were totally turned around when we first heard Pastor Joseph Prince preach in January 2013. We learned so much about grace and the importance of looking to the finished work of Jesus. At the end of that first service, when Pastor Prince prayed for the congregation, I heard the Lord speaking lovingly to me and affirming me. I can still remember how I felt then as I experienced the love of the Lord. My wife shared that she had the exact experience.

Since then, Pastor Prince’s teachings on the Holy Communion have healed my wife completely of an enlarged tonsil she had had since 2008.

Back then, she would develop a sore throat and have bouts of fever and flu if she did not have sufficient rest or if she stayed up late. This was a frustrating problem and it greatly disrupted her social life.

But after we learned about the power of the Holy Communion to bring forth health, we decided to partake of it daily in faith. In the very first week, my wife experienced a positive change in her body. Shortly after, I began to notice that she did not develop any of her usual symptoms, even after one or two nights of staying up late. We were very excited when we finally saw the breakthrough! Since then, my wife has been totally freed from tonsil-related problems!

We have also experienced many other blessings in our health and found much favor in our finances. We now truly understand the importance of solely depending on the finished work of Jesus and not relying on our works.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. You are such a blessing to my entire household.

KH Goh | Singapore

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  • victoria says:

    Hi – any testimonials regarding healing from a neurological condition such as parkinsons?
    I read the one about alzheimers.
    I totally believe in the word of God.
    Thank you.

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