Praise Report: Healed Of Swelling In Ankles After Partaking Of Communion

I have been watching Pastor Joseph Prince preach about Jesus on television for a few months now. The anointing he has on television is so strong that I tune in to his program daily.

I also started partaking of the Holy Communion as taught by him. For over a year, I had been suffering from osteoarthritis and lymphedema that caused swelling in my ankles. The swelling would not subside even with medication.

However, after two weeks of partaking of the Holy Communion and listening to Pastor Prince share testimonies on his television program, the swelling in my ankles is totally gone.

Also, I have been seeing big improvements in my body, such as for the scoliosis in my back, ever since I started partaking of the Holy Communion every chance I had.

Although I am using a walker, I feel my body is getting stronger. I know God is going to have me moving around without a walker once again.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings on television every day. I am really thankful that I discovered your ministry and how it is now part of my daily life. I know I am blessed through God’s grace.

Brenda Rouse | North Carolina, United States

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