Praise Report: Healed Of Severe Eczema, Skin Looks New

Pastor Prince, until recently, I’ve had eczema. It started when I was a kid and it caused me to cry in agony many times. It was so severe my skin would itch constantly and break out in sores. Dry skin would even flake off and get into my eyes. It was a source of embarrassment throughout high school and it really affected my life.

When I heard your sermon about how God had power to remove the plagues of Egypt and heal skin conditions, I confessed that Jesus had also healed me of eczema. While partaking of the Holy Communion, I would imagine myself eating the roasted Lamb, Jesus judged for me at the cross.

After a few months, I noticed my skin had become less itchy and even looked new! Even my coworkers are amazed. Thank You, Jesus! Your skin was bruised so that mine could be healed.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your messages. I have been listening to your teachings for five years and they have transformed me in ways I could only imagine. All glory and honor to God! He truly, truly loves us!

Dangelo Gonzalez | California, United States





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