Praise Report: Healed Of Panic Attacks, No Longer Dependent On Medication

I was taking antidepressants for a panic disorder for about two years. However, despite the medication, I was still having massive panic attacks. The panic attacks were so severe that I was admitted to the emergency room a few times.

The medication also gave me undesirable side effects. If I forgot to take a dose, I would have withdrawal symptoms and get jittery and become unsteady.

I would also wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding even though I was not experiencing any fear or stress.

I would also get anxious about when the next panic attack would happen and this fed the symptoms, worsening my condition.

It was very frustrating because the attacks would come on, without warning and without provocation. I was getting tired of the situation, but instead of changing the treatment, my doctor suggested that I increased my dosage. I refused because I did not want to become more dependent on the drug.

Not too long ago, I went to a wellness retreat in Florida with a colleague. On the first night, I had a massive panic attack. Even during the seminars, I often had to excuse myself because sometimes, the subject matter discussed caused my heart to race.

When the retreat was over, we went shopping and we stopped by a bookstore. In the store, I saw the book, The Power of Right Believing, which I had seen being mentioned on the Joseph Prince Ministries’ program. It just happened to be on a table I walked by and I immediately grabbed it and bought it. That has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

When I got home, I started to read it. I would read a chapter every night and it was as if the Lord was providing the right chapter at the right time, each night.

After reading the testimonies from others, and learning what the Lord had done for them when they put their focus on Him and not on themselves, I decided to put my trust in Christ too instead of focusing on myself.

I started reading the book on a Tuesday night. By Thursday night that same week, I decided to stop taking my medication. When I did, I did not have a single occurrence of withdrawal symptoms. Nonetheless, I did not tell my husband that I had gone off my medication and for three days, he did not notice any problems with my behavior. The Lord had indeed delivered me from the vicious circle of medication, side effects, and withdrawal symptoms.

The following Saturday night, some things happened that caused me not to sleep well. Because of that, I was worried throughout the next day that I would not sleep well that night. But I decided to focus on Christ, even though all the worry had drained me of all my energy and I was tired from the fighting that had gone on in my mind all day.

The chapter I read that night mentioned that sometimes the best way to fight the enemy is to ignore the enemy and rest in Jesus.

So after reading that chapter, I put my head down, put my faith in Jesus, focused on His finished work, and went to sleep. To my relief, I had a really refreshing sleep that night.

Since taking the focus off myself and placing it on Him, I’ve experienced such dramatic healing effects. Whenever my heart started to race or I felt jittery, I would immediately switch from self-focus to a complete focus on Jesus’ finished work. Now, I no longer need medication since Jesus has brought about my true release. What medication could not do for me, Jesus did.

The ministry of grace has released me into a life of freedom.

After experiencing all that God has done for me, I cannot help but be very excited. I never understood the power of the Lord’s grace until now and it has revolutionized my life.

I give God praise, glory, and thanks for this ministry. It has brought me out of the pit to a place of majesty with Christ Jesus. Keep up the good work and be encouraged to continue with the mandate that He has given you.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Jamaica


  • Renee says:

    Amen we serve a Father of Love with such a blessed impact on each life who accepts Him as their Lord and Saviour.

  • Sylvia Sosa says:

    I also discovered by focusing on Jesus and how beautiful heaven would be, it made me sleep a couple of hours at a time each night. I am still trying at this point, but maybe I need to try harder after hearing about your story. God bless you.

    I truly pray to be not taking this medication no more.

  • christiano ravikanth says:

    i’m so happy to read thus testimony. becoz i too received healing from the lord for my panic disorder. i’m very very happy to read this. becoz i know how it feels to have this bloody disorder. it is very painful thing. i suffered for four long and sadest years of my life. it tortured me like anything. it was like living hell. like dying everyday. i was helpless. but our lord heard my cry and heald me. now we got the healing, let us praise him with joyful shouts. he made my life normal again. thank you so much my lord..

  • Rose says:

    This helped me too… I’ve been struggling for so long with anxiety and it’s really fear compounded by worry, I’ll take the author’s advice…focus on Jesus, even now I feel great, I feel delivered, I feel saved in a whole new different way, thank you Joseph Prince for helping us to find a way to increase our faith, God bless you and your Ministry!

  • Irene says:

    I’m living with lupus (SLE) and hypertension which were both diagnosed last year. Medication is the order of the day for me, but reading these healing testimonies gives encouragement that the Lord Jesus will heal me because I’m also a born again Christian.

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