Praise Report: Healed of Painful Boil

I had a painful boil that persisted for weeks even though I was taking antibiotics. It was terrible.

I tuned into our local television station and saw Pastor Prince preaching. I am no stranger to his teachings, and I really enjoy them.

Something told me to walk over to my TV and lay my hands on it while Pastor Prince was teaching. Although I was still in pain, I said, “I join faith with Pastor Prince, and I declare that I am healed in Jesus’ name, amen!” I received my healing by faith and walked away.

Over the next forty-eight hours, the pain started to subside to the point where I could move more. Then, out of nowhere, the boil miraculously opened up and drained out!

Glory to God for His messages through Pastor Prince.

Anonymous | Georgia, United States

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  • Kimberly Kuhn says:

    Amen praise God our Lord.
    I have been intubated and been with Sepsis twice barely alive in ICU. Had a Right upper lobectomy from cancer.
    The Lord saved me both times. I prayed I prayed
    Also a minister came and prayed with me and over me . I couldn’t walk or take care of myself for weeks and weeks. Then I could walk normal feel like myself again. However still on oxygen but temporary praise my lord Jesus Christ my lord and savior

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