Praise Report: Healed Of Kidney Stones

My wife and I are residing in Australia and we have been following Pastor Prince’s sermons via his books, DVDs and the Internet.

Back in mid-2010, I came back to Singapore for a routine CT scan for my back pain which revealed a small renal stone in my right kidney. However, it wasn’t giving me any trouble then. Two years later, I detected blood in my urine on a number of occasions and was referred to an urologist in Australia. After further examinations, I was told that there were two kidney stones measuring about 4mm each! I was monitored through yearly check-ups as I wasn’t prepared to consider further medical intervention.

Everything seemed fine until the night of 6 May 2013, when I experienced severe back pain that radiated all the way to my lower abdomen. The pain was unbearable and I broke out in cold sweat.

The pain and discomfort continued for days. By God’s grace, I happened to share my condition with my mother, who has been deeply impacted by Pastor Prince’s teachings. She reminded me to pray over my condition and partake of the Holy Communion, and also said that she would pray for me.

Heeding her advice, I partook of the Holy Communion before my afternoon nap. I declared that because my body is the temple of God, the condition could not remain in me anymore.

I woke up from my nap feeling extremely peaceful. I went to the toilet and passed out numerous dark specks including a piece of stone measuring around 4mm! I did not even know the stone was passed out initially as there wasn’t any pain at all!

Subsequently, I consulted my family physician who was very surprised by the whole episode. He said that it was a miracle that a kidney stone of that size could be removed from the body without undergoing surgery! He added that for me to pass it out would have been very painful and morphine would be required to manage it.

I am very grateful to Pastor Prince for his wonderful teachings on God’s grace and divine healing through the Holy Communion. Now, my symptoms are gone and I am well again! Hallelujah!

Larry | Australia

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