Praise Report: Healed Of Incurable Neuromuscular Disease

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis (a chronic autoimmune disorder characterized by muscular weakness). It started with weak eyelids, and I couldn’t open my eyes fully. This made me look as if I was drunk or doped up on drugs. I was told that in the advanced stages, I could lose my ability to walk and eventually not be able to swallow.

An eye specialist and 2 neurosurgeons confirmed the diagnosis. There is no known cure for the condition and the doctors told me they could only help delay its progression and manage the symptoms with lifelong medication. I cried and found it hard to trust God for healing.

However, my husband and I continued to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons in church and while commuting to work every day.

My husband would sit me down every night to pray for healing, and we would partake of the holy Communion together. In spite of my fears, I found great comfort each time we partook of the holy Communion. Some days I had no words to pray, and he would encourage me to repeat after him, giving thanks to God for the priceless and powerful sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary. We claimed God’s promises in Psalm 23 that we would have no lack and that we would lead healthy and fruitful lives.

Two days before my appointment with the neurosurgeon, I was taken off all my medication. To our surprise, the neurosurgeon noticed that my eyelids were not drooping. He next asked me to stand so he could check my muscle strength. Then looking perplexed, he asked if I had stopped taking the medication. When I said yes, he commented that without medication for more than 24 hours, it was impossible that my eyelids were not drooping. So he canceled the further tests that were to be conducted and confirmed that there were no symptoms of myasthenia gravis.

I was overjoyed and declared that I was healed by Christ Jesus! That was the last time I needed to see a doctor for myasthenia gravis. All glory be to God! My husband and I are so grateful for Pastor Prince’s ministry that has opened our eyes and ears to the wonderful gospel of grace.

Corrine | Singapore


  • Angel says:

    Good morning pastor I can’t keep this testimony coz He done so much for me I cannot tell it all narekelemo.
    I got married it’s been 5months today and in every African family what is expected from a wedding after such a long period of time is that of a sound of a baby . In that zeal, one of my mom’s took me to a lady who boils herbs for the cleaning of the genital part and the stomach (she isn’t a native doctor). So I took the herbs and there was one I had to use as an ovule it’s aim was to clean me up. I did it on a Thursday and the following day I just realized that when I went to ease myself , I felt pains. So I contacted that mom and explained to her the sight effects and she told me that was how that product walked I just needed to bear the pain. The next day it gave me great wounds and the pains grew higher days to days and I was like seriously do I have to bear this pain? Am a child of God born again with the baptism in the Holy Spirit . On Sunday I couldn’t bear it any longer I was forced to go to the hospital the lady who gave me the herbs told me that the medical drugs will hinder the cleaning process . So I was in the hospital and was even placed on medical care after a series of tests, it was noticed that I had urine infection and day after day the pain was too high and all I had where people telling me is it more than birth pang? On Wednesday I met the gynaecologist and he told me my whole vagina was burnt that is why I felt great pain during miction. Si je prescribed drugs and told me he hopes it will not continue to burn me(infact he did everything to discourage and make me fear) so we bought the drugs and wen home. Two weeks of suffering and one Sunday I decided not to take those drugs any longer . I said to myself if the greater One lives in me. He said He is in me and I in Him how can I continue to leave as one who doesn’t have the greater one in there. So I threw all the drugs and started activating my faith. We had spend more that 100thousands in lest than 3weeks on medical bills and drugs. I went to church and the message the Lord released that day via the pastor was directly speaking to me and at the end he said the word of God works. So I kept confessing that word after church we when home I just realized that I could ease myself without no more pain and I was like oh My God Your word works. And some times the enemy wanted to make me belief that it wasn’t true but I kept confessing the word of God and saying it works and I saw His mighty hand. Now I can ease myself without any more pains. And am so grateful to the Great Healer for His done so much for me I cannot tell it all am so grateful Lord testifying here is my own way of showing gratitude and lifting Your name up high and to encourage someone who is suffering the lesson God taught me through this passage is to watch on my mindset and the words that leave my mouth even in times of pains. I suffered hardly for 2weeks and spend alot in the hospital for nothing because I listen more to the disease and pain than to glorify the Lord and believe His word. Even as a born again in times of difficulties we need to grow in faith and give no way to the enemy. The word of God works just believe and confess it.

  • Opolot Emmanuel says:

    Glory be to God. His word really works. I thank Him for using that pastor to speak directly to your situation. God loves you personally.

  • Becky says:

    So encouraging. Thanks for sharing that testimony.. From The U.S.A. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. Thankyou Pastor Prince for shedding Gods Light on The Holy Communion which I have been partaking everyday since you came to our Church here in Houston about 3 weeks ago. I’m encouraged and standing and believing for healing in areas of my life I share the Holy Communion with my 32 year old son and my brother we partake and I’m believing and knowing That God is turning things around in areas of concern. My sons business as well and my brothers knee believing for healing and restoration in the Name of Jesus. Love this testimony above. The testimonies are very encouraging as I purchased your book Eat Your Way to Life and Health

  • Martha Saguga says:

    Am believing for a healing miracle in my Son’s health…Doctors Just told us that he has Sickle cell disease But I know my Godbis a healer..Saints please remember us in your prayers…We are from Malawi..
    He is only 1year old and his name is Thandolwakhe

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