Praise Report: Healed of Impaired Vision

I have been struggling with migraines and altered vision since early last year. I went through many medical tests that gave me no answers. My condition improved for a while but in the last eight months, my vision was impaired.

But after reading two chapters of Eat Your Way to Life and Health, reading the healing prayers, and partaking of the Communion, I was healed. I praise God because I had actually considered surgery. I am so thankful God directed me to your book.

Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Becky Coley | North Carolina, United States


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  • osahon obamogie says:

    I struggled with Pornography and Masturbation for about 10 years, I became born again about 3 years ago but the struggle still continued, I felt I was living under the wrath of God and developed anxiety and sickness. After hearing The Gospel of Grace my life has been transformed. I have been delivered from pornography and the Holyspirit has taught me to put no confidence in the flesh. I am also completely healed. GLORY BE TO GOD. From Nigeria

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