Praise Report: Healed Of High Blood Pressure, Blessed To Be A Blessing

Pastor Prince, my family and I have been listening to you through your podcasts, CNBC Europe, and YouTube. We are so grateful for your life-transforming and empowering messages on God’s grace. They have given us freedom to rest in the liberty that Jesus paid for with His life, and the assurance of salvation that depends not on our self-efforts but His finished work on the cross.

Before coming across your broadcasts, I had been a Christian for many years but wondered if I had done enough to be pleasing to God. However, your messages opened my eyes of understanding. I learned it was not about what I must do but what Jesus has already done on the cross.

I also realized you have been consistent and accurate in your teachings through the years. I would cross-check whatever you taught with the Bible, and have been amazed by how much I had not seen or understood before. All you teach and preach is indeed the gospel truth! On many occasions, I even received answers to questions concerning the grace gospel while listening to you.

I have shared the gospel with others, such as my niece and sister. My sister is now trusting God without fear of condemnation, and my niece even called her friends immediately to share the gospel! Today, she keeps declaring that she is the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

Your teachings helped anchor our belief that we are righteous by faith in Jesus’ finished work. They continually help us grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. My family also regularly partakes of the Holy Communion together and I often partake of it on my own on top of that.

Today, our youth is being renewed—people often tell my husband and me that we always look young. God has also healed me of a four-year high blood pressure condition. I am no longer under medication and I know my healing is because of Jesus’ finished work!

Last but not least, God has blessed our family financially beyond our wildest imagination. We recently bought a car debt-free and God put a desire in our hearts to bless a family in church with our previous car. Indeed, as God has been gracious to us, He enables us to be gracious to others!

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince! Truly, the grace revolution has begun and is spreading! Praise God!

Carol Sam Umurhurhu | Switzerland

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