Praise Report: Healed Of Heart Condition, No More Stealing

A year ago, I stumbled upon a post on Joseph Prince’s Facebook page about experiencing the power of the cross through the Holy Communion. Pastor Prince explained that every time we partake of the Holy Communion, we are declaring to the powers of darkness that the Lord’s death avails for us and victory is already ours.

At that time, I was suffering from angina pectoris (chest pain), had a habit of stealing, and was full of fear and anxiety. I was reckless with money and owed money to many banks and loan companies.

But by partaking of the Communion every day, I was delivered from fear and anxiety.

My heart is healed and I am no longer on medication. I no longer steal, am now applying the principles of tithing and giving offerings, and am experiencing financial stability. Recently, I received an email from a company about a cancellation for one of my debts.

When I speak in the name of Jesus, I see things change for my good. Thank you, Pastor Prince and Joseph Prince Ministries.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | South Africa

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