Praise Report: Healed of H. Pylori after Receiving Revelation about Forgiveness of Sin

My sweet Lord Jesus is good to me! I am miraculously healed! The doctors had told me that I had helicobacter pylori bacteria (H. pylori) and it would take several weeks or even months to recover. I was also told that I was at a high risk of getting stomach cancer and was prescribed numerous antibiotics and highly potent anti-ulcer drugs.

I remained bloated for two weeks with severe pain radiating from my upper abdomen to the rest of my mid-section. I searched many medical journals and read that the H. pylori can cause high resistance to long-term antibiotics and cancerous tumors in the body.

Upon knowing this, I declared that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I attached the doctor’s prescription to my notebook and wrote Isaiah 53 on it—that by Jesus’ stripes I am healed.

As I serve the Lord Jesus, I was assigned to preach the good news of Jesus that states we are the righteousness of God in Christ and His healing is for those undeserving. This is something I have learned through Joseph Prince Ministries.

But soon after preaching that, I could not walk or eat properly. I was so sick and tired already of eating bland food while my family member were enjoying their meals every day. I thought to myself that God might be far away because of my sin. But the Holy Spirit comforted me saying, “When you believe that Christ makes you righteous forever and that sin cannot make one unrighteous again, you are completely healed. Where there is forgiveness of sins, healing is on its way.”

A few seconds after that, I stopped feeling bloated and was hungry instead. There was no more intense pain and I was able to eat as much as I could. I felt Jesus telling me to go to the hospital to get my body tested again. Because I am righteous by faith, I am healed from the disease. The results will testify to the community that He is alive and no disease can triumph.

I asked my brother to firmly squeeze my belly before and after the tests. There was no pain. I even got the chance to let the medical technologists and other medical staff compare my former and current test results. They were speechless!

Indeed, Jesus is my healer. The devil wants us to believe the signs and symptoms we see and feel what is natural, but by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. I am forgiven of all my sins and I am healed by His stripes! Hallelujah!

Ray Michael Casupanan | Philippines

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