Praise Report: Healed Of Debilitating Back Pain, Relocated By God’s Grace

In 2012, I was plagued by a debilitating pain in my back for weeks. I even had to sleep in a chair because my back would hurt whenever I lay down. Despite the pain, I continued going to work but was in tears every day.

One day, I was flipping through television channels in my living room and came across Pastor Prince’s program. After hearing him preach, I was healed from my pain. Today, I can walk, sleep, and drive my car without any discomfort. It’s a miracle!

In 2013, I wanted to move to Dallas but lacked the finances to do so. I prayed about it. Within the same year, the director of my company announced that our workplace was closing down. We were given sixty days to either opt for the severance package or transfer to a new location. To my surprise, the new location was in Dallas! Not only was I going to have a job there, the company also gave each of us $5,000 to move. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be in Dallas!

Earlier this year, I got hold of Pastor Prince’s DVD titled Possessing Our Possessions—Theme Of The Year 2016. Lo and behold, the DVD mentioned Grace Revolution Church in Dallas! I had not known that the church existed. And as you have probably guessed, I am now attending Grace Revolution Church and it is only fifteen minutes away from home. How awesome is that! God is SO good and words cannot fully describe how happy I am right now.

God is truly a good God. We are more than privileged to be His children and have Jesus as our Savior. All praise to Him and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Martha Green | Texas, United States

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