Praise Report: Healed of bad upper back and shoulder aches

I had been experiencing really bad upper back and shoulder aches for about two weeks. It got so bad that I could not sit for long periods of time.

I contemplated going to see a Chinese physician as I was aching even without putting a strain on my back.

On Sunday, 27 June 2021, I tuned in to the second service online and at the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince called out my condition and pointed out exactly where I was feeling the pain—at my upper back, in between the shoulder blades, and slightly to the right. I knew the healing was for me and I raised my hands to receive the prayer. At that moment, the pain immediately disappeared.

It felt as if the pain was never there! Praise the Lord for His tender mercies, and for reminding me that nothing is too small for Him.

Anonymous | Singapore

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