Praise Report: Healed of Arm Pain Minutes after Watching Broadcast

For about ten days, I had a lot of pain in my left forearm and in the area right above the elbow. I did not have it checked out because I did not have health insurance. Instead, I tried to rest my arm whenever possible and put ice packs on it. I also took anti-inflammatory medication when I could bear it—I have poor tolerance for most medications.

I prayed and spoke God’s Word over my body. I also watched Pastor Prince’s sermon Live Strong In The Father’s Love on television. Near the end of the message, he said a simple prayer to bind sicknesses in Jesus’ name. I prayed along with him.

Just a few minutes later, I noticed the pain in my arm was gone! There’s still no pain today and I’m able to do my normal activities without any difficulties.

I’m so thankful to God and to Pastor Prince’s faithfulness in preaching the gospel. His book Live the Let-Go Life is very helpful. Its last chapter, You Are Not Alone, encouraged me so much. May God bless you.

Anonymous | Virginia, United States

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