Praise Report: Healed of a Broken Heart, Relationship Completely Restored

Pastor Prince, I’m a 27-year-old Christian from India. I want to share how Jesus changed my life and how I am still alive only because He intervened in my life through your ministry of grace.

I was in a relationship with my best friend for 6 years. But after falling in love with another guy I’d met in a new job, I ended my relationship with him. It was painful to see that relationship being torn apart but I was sure that I wouldn’t be happy with him anymore.

However, the relationship with the second guy did not work out. What he had for me was just physical attraction, not love. When he started finding excuses to avoid me, I broke down. In the end, he decided to marry another girl and I was forced to leave my job.

I fell into guilt and depression for a year and even decided to commit suicide several times. I cried all day and night, covering my pillow with tears. I could neither face my parents nor return to my first relationship.

But despite everything that had happened, my first boyfriend continued to stand by me as a pillar of support. Strangely, he even offered to help the other guy understand how much I loved him.

One day, I came across your sermon about how Jesus restores wasted years (see Joel 2:25), and everything I had lost that He did not take away. I also learned that when Jesus restores, He restores 120 percent!

You also said in your sermon that if anyone had lost a relationship by doing something stupid, Jesus could still give us restoration because He took our place as both the injured and injurer.

I began to listen to at least 10 of your video sermons daily. They calmed my mind and soothed my heart as I heard how much Jesus loves me even when I have failed. I also believed in and declared Jesus’ restoration in my life and experienced it.

Jesus helped my first boyfriend forgive me and love me again. We no longer talk about what had happened and he never makes me remember it too. Instead, he treats me with more love and kindness than before. It’s as if nothing bad had happened between us.

Today, we’re happily married and in love with each other. Jesus has also healed my broken heart completely. Truly, when He restores, He makes all things new and fresh. To Him be all the glory!

I thank God for your ministry, Pastor Prince. May you live a long, healthy life, and may Jesus touch and change many more lives through your ministry.

Anonymous | India


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