Praise Report: Healed Of 34-Year Skin Condition In Jesus’ Name

Healed Of 34 Year Skin Condition In Jesus' Name

I was suffering from a skin condition for thirty-four years. I spent a lot of money consulting different doctors and purchasing different skin creams and medicines, but my condition did not improve. I also prayed to God, and got prayed over by several pastors and people, but nothing worked. I became very desperate and was very embarrassed when asked about my skin.

Then, as an answer to my desperation, God introduced me to Pastor Joseph Prince through Trinity Broadcasting Network. I welcomed his simple teachings that referenced the Word, and looked forward to hearing him thrice a week. I was also very encouraged by his books, Destined To Reign, 100 Days of Favor, and Healing Promises.

He was the first pastor to teach me how to pray differently—by commanding the disease to leave my body and to be thrown into the sea forever in the name of Jesus!

I started praying like this, taking authority in the name of Jesus, and today, I thank my Father in heaven for healing me completely of my skin condition! I applied no creams, and took no anti-allergy pills or other medicines! God has healed me as I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ!

I want to thank God for speaking to me through Pastor Joseph Prince. I now enjoy the provision of God’s grace! May God Almighty richly bless Pastor Prince and his family abundantly!

Aruna Datt | India


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