Praise Report: Healed from fibroids and polyps in the womb

At the end of last year, my doctor told me that I had fibroids and polyps in my womb. The condition caused me to bleed a lot and also resulted in a lack of iron in my body.

I was concerned and worried as my mother had the same condition previously and died of cancer.

Through Pastor Prince’s messages, I’ve learned about the finished work of Jesus on the cross and the gift of righteousness that I’ve received from Him. I decided to believe in God’s will to heal me and make me whole, and rejected thoughts that I’d end up like my mother.

In the first service of this year, I was amazed by God’s grace and goodness when Pastor Prince called out my condition during his sermon. Immediately, I claimed the healing for myself. The Lord also encouraged me during the service on 17 January, when Pastor Prince said that the growths found in wombs would shrivel up and die. He also said that they would be found no more during future visits to the doctor.

I was excited because I was about to visit my doctor. When my appointment came, my doctor ordered for another scan. This time, the scan showed only fibroids but no more polyps. Then, the doctor called for a medical procedure to investigate my condition more thoroughly. The night before my procedure, I felt a cooling sensation around my lower abdominal area that lasted for a while. At that moment, I felt loved and taken care of.

The procedure went smoothly and when the results came out, there was no mention of fibroids! The growths were gone and I am completely healed.

All the doctor could say was that the previous scans could be wrong although I have had two different scans done at two different radiology centres that confirmed the fibroids. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. Hallelujah!

Anonymous | Australia

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