Praise Report: Healed By God Through The Anointing Oil

Late last year, my grandmother who is over 90 years old and a believer, was admitted to hospital. The prognosis by the doctor was not very good and we were told to be prepared for the worst.

When I saw my grandmother, she was unconscious and looked very weak as she was unable to eat. Just as I was about to leave the ward, I had a prompting to pray for her. So I applied anointing oil on her forehead and prayed to God for protection, strength and healing. After praying, she was still unconscious and so I left the hospital together with my mother.

Around 20 minutes later, we received a call from my brother who had just arrived at the hospital. He informed us that my grandmother was awake, chatting with them and eating. We were totally surprised to hear this as moments ago, she was still unconscious!

A few days later, she was fit enough to be discharged from the hospital.

Later, she told us that while she was unconscious, she had experienced unrest and fear in her mind, but when we prayed and applied the anointing oil on her, she sensed God’s peace within her.

This incident has encouraged me and the family greatly. We know that it is the love of God and His healing power that had lengthened the days of my grandmother. I apply the holy anointing oil daily on my family, remembering and confessing that it is the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross that blesses and gives us rest. We give all the glory and praises to the Lord. Hallelujah!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Singapore


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