Praise Report: Headache and Blurred Vision Gone

Since the morning of April 6, 2024, I had been suffering from a severe headache. The headache was so intense that it exacerbated my already declining eyesight, which I had brushed off as part of the aging process.

At 46 years old this year, I had resigned myself to the idea that my vision was naturally deteriorating. Despite taking pain relief pills, the headache persisted without much improvement. The next day, I attended the 2.30 p.m. service at The Star Performing Arts Centre. I was filled with joy when Pastor Prince addressed the symptom of blurred vision during the service. I prayed to receive my healing.

As the service progressed, I began to feel a tingling and numbing sensation at the back of my head, the very area where the headache was centered. Halfway through the service, I noticed that the headache had nearly disappeared, and miraculously, my vision had become remarkably sharp and clear!

I could see Pastor Prince’s face on the screen with clarity—something that I could not do at the start of the service!

Praise the Lord, and thank God for this incredible healing! Amen!

A brother from Singapore