Praise Report: Gum infection healed

In the month of June, I had a very bad toothache and an infection in my gums. I remembered seeing a dentist a year before regarding the same issue, but was told then that there was no clear diagnosis for the pain.

This time, after a couple of visits to the dentist, he suggested that I do a scan to find out the cause of the toothache and the infection in my gums. A root canal was later done to my aching tooth, and the dentist further suggested that I check with a doctor regarding the infection.

When I visited the doctor, I was told that my gum infection had to be operated on. I was exhausted, having to visit so many doctors and paying so much through the course of it.

On 26 June, I spoke to the Lord and told Him to take care of me. On Sunday, 27 June, I tuned in to the online service and heard Pastor Prince call out my condition. He even said that the Lord is healing that infected area and it shall be gone!

Amazingly, my tooth no longer aches and my infection has cleared completely. I can now eat, drink, and talk without pain or discomfort. To God be the glory!

Vinit Tribhuvan | India

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