Praise Report: Gave Birth to Healthy Baby Despite Birth Complications

Early this year, I flew with my husband to Australia to give birth to my first child. I was supposed to be due on January 21, but nothing happened, and I started feeling worried and frustrated.I remembered the teaching on the Holy Communion taught by Joseph Prince and thought that would be my last resort. On January 23 at around 6pm, I called for my husband to get the bread and water from the kitchen so we could partake of the Holy Communion. We partook of the elements and prayed for God’s supernatural miracle for my waters to break so I could begin to give birth.

Surprisingly, right after we partook of the Communion, I had some discharge, and I started feeling corresponding pain in my lower back. We went straight to the hospital, and I got admitted by way of an emergency. The doctor checked me and reported that my baby was distressed. The best option was to break the water bag. I agreed and was taken into another room for the procedure. However, it was found that my water was already mixed with the baby’s stool, a condition known as meconium aspiration syndrome. I had to have a C-section to save the baby.

During the procedure, they managed to my baby out, but my baby had developed breathing complications. The doctor said they would do their best to save her. As they were working on her, my husband and I pleaded the blood of Jesus all over our baby, declaring life upon her. It took them seven minutes to resuscitate her before we heard her first cry. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus! She’s our miracle child, and she’s growing healthy and strong in the Lord today.

All glory to God for getting baby and us to the hospital in time, and for His resurrection power through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Thank you, Pastor Joseph Prince, for preaching the good news that has aided me and many others in times of need. God bless!

Anonymous | Samoa

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