Praise Report: Fulfills Ambition to Teach Despite Lacking Qualifications

It’s been about five years since I have been connected with the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince and great things have happened in my life.I wanted to become a teacher after graduation and had prayed with my friends and teachers for my dream to be fulfilled. But when I grew up, I left my studies and the dream was lost. I  started to enjoy the worldly things with my friends but I couldn’t find peace in my heart.

At that time I had a call from out of my state for a teaching ministry in a school. That was the great opportunity for me to fulfil my dream. I went to the school with my friends and some of my cousins but when I looked at myself, I realized I was nothing. I had no financial support, no qualification, and was physically very weak.

I was so discouraged and became fearful. It was quite difficult for me to go on but I found the peace of God through Joseph Prince Ministries. Every morning and evening I read the Daily Grace Inspirations and also listened to the word of God from Joseph Prince.

God has been so merciful in my weakness. He lifted me and helped me accomplish my dream. Matthew 6:33 says: But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. As I put God first, my life changed and everything became new. Today, I am not only a teacher but I have been promoted to become the administrator of a school. I also established a primary school by the grace of God.

When we put God first place in every area of our life, great things happened. I am now no longer unhealthy, poor, or uneducated for I am the chosen one of God. I feel privilege to extend my warm thanks to Joseph Prince and his ministry for showing me such a great love of our God. Praise The Lord!

Anonymous | India

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