Praise Report: From Merely Surviving To Reigning In Life

My name is Blake Stanfield and my life has been saved by the gospel of grace preached by Pastor Joseph Prince.

The year 2012 was the worst year of my life. After struggling through eight years of college and fighting to pay my tuition fees, I had lost sense of direction and the drive to finish my education. I made rash decisions and was forced to leave school in shame.
At the same time, my father lost his job. The stress of it all caused him to contemplate suicide. My grandfather’s health also spiraled downwards due to changes in his medicine—his Alzheimer’s disease deteriorated and caused him to be bedridden. My grandmother, who suffered from insufficient sleep as she took care of him ended up conned of a large sum of money. It felt like my family and I were lost.
Things were so bad that I’d hoped for an epic end to my life’s struggles when I heard of a widespread doomsday prophecy in 2012.


But when nothing happened, I resolved to change my life in any way that would lead to progress. I wanted 2013 to be the year of possibilities.
One day, at 5am in the morning, I watched Destined To Reign on TV for the first time. I have always enjoyed listening to Asian men like Pastor Prince speak English—especially when they teach—so I listened to his sermon. It was the first sermon I had fully listened to in my life.


In the sermon, Pastor Prince said that he had battled a debilitating stutter when he was in school. Because I also had issues with public speaking, I connected with this man and learned about how he overcame his handicap through the preaching of the Word. I also respected his knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, and his ability to use it to teach the Bible.
After that, I began to watch his program every day, even though it begins at five in the morning. I also ordered some of his CD sermons and listened to them in the car in place of music.


After 27 years of faithlessness and unbelief in my heart, I finally got down on my knees in my living room, raised my hands and prayed to receive Christ into my life.


I wept for the first time out of understanding. Later, I came to know more of Jesus—how He had washed away my sins—and opened my mind and heart to the power of the Holy Spirit.
On Easter in 2013, I was water baptized. I have purchased several versions of the Bible and have begun to read the Word as often as possible. By God’s grace, I have found solutions to so many of my life’s problems. Now I reign in life rather than just survive.
I am inspired through Pastor Prince’s books—Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor—and found resolutions to emotional and financial problems. I have begun to eat healthier, exercise, and give up bad habits, all because I know Jesus loves me and wants all to be well for me.

One of the greatest gifts that Jesus bestowed upon me was a miraculous healing.

Stress, fears, and condemnation from my family and peers had caused an extreme case of psoriasis to form on the palms of my hands. My skin literally cracked, bled, and became almost useless with pain. Salves prescribed to me were harsh and did not work. Doctors feared the worst and I feared that I would never be able to work, provide for myself, and have a family. So I prayed and gave all my worries to Jesus, telling Him to “Please heal my hands, because I cannot.”
Slowly, in an almost unnoticeable way, my skin began to mend. It became less painful, less stiff, and was able to work. Now, my hands only show small blemishes and feels smooth even though they are wrinkled. I see these lines as a reminder of the blessings that Jesus has given me.

Jesus wore the crown of thorns and bore the stripes so that I may have mental peace and physical health. Hallelujah!

I consider myself a member of your church in Singapore. I declare “Amen!”” aloud as I watch your sermons alone in my room. Joseph Prince, you are my pastor, my brother and my friend. I love you and hope that all of God’s blessings will be upon you, your family and your congregation.

I know that if God can cause me to come across a Singapore pastor on television, listen, and begin my journey to discover the wonders of the Holy Bible and the finished work of Jesus Christ while I was flipping channels aimlessly one day, then God’s plan truly is for me to be greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved. Amen! Hallelujah!

Once again, thank you for everything, Pastor Prince.

Blake Stanfield | Georgia, US

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