Praise Report: From Drug Dealer To Bearer Of The Gospel

I used to be a drug dealer and womanizer. But ever since I learned about the grace of God, and His unending favor and mercy that He has so freely given me, my life has been totally transformed.Since understanding my position in Christ, His unmerited favor has taken me from a hustler and dead-beat dad, to becoming the owner of two businesses, a good father, and most importantly, being consciously aware that I am the beloved child of Jesus Christ.

Through my company, I am able to give back to the communities and organizations that work with us and to feed those from low income households. I am also free to share the gospel of grace and the love of the Father daily. It is the gospel that has filled me with the peace, assurance, and love of Christ.

I thank Jesus Christ for you, Pastor Prince. How would we hear the true, uncontaminated gospel of grace unless we hear it from one sent by our heavenly Father as a message of love?

I pray and know that the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is covering and blessing your life right now, even as I write this.

I love You, Jesus Christ, and I love you too, Pastor Prince.

Jamel Jones | North Carolina, United States

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