Praise Report: From A Failure To A Top Student By The Grace Of God!

During my secondary school days, I was extremely notorious and caused many problems to my peers, school and family. I was also involved in gangs and vile activities that harmed both my body and the people who cared about me.

Although I was brought up in a Christian family, I never knew much about Daddy God’s love. I saw God as an angry old man who always wanted to scold me when I did wrong, and thought that I would go to hell each time I sinned. I felt that nobody loved me, and felt sad and lonely all the time.

One day, I got into trouble again and landed in a lock-up prison cell for 12 hours. Even then, I was still extremely rebellious and lied to the officers by giving them false statements to defend my friend. At the eighth hour, I felt an inner prompting to pray for help. While I was freezing on the cold hard floor, I made a decision to go to church after my release and a friend brought me to New Creation Church!

By grace, I learnt that I can never lose my standing before God because Jesus died for me and took my place, my death and my sins on the cross! Praise Jesus! I started feeding on the Word and downloaded Pastor Prince’s sermons into my phone.

I also learnt to trust in the Lord for my ‘N’ Level papers and subsequently, my ‘O’ Level examinations. I anointed all my exam scripts and would take a Christian friend aside with me to pray and partake of the Holy Communion together before our exams. We made it a point to agree in prayer because when two or three are gathered in Jesus’ name, He is in our midst! (Matthew 18:20)

Miraculously, my ‘N’ Level results placed me among the top three students in school! I also obtained 10 points for my ‘O’ Levels and I am eligible for many junior colleges!

I am so grateful to Pastor Prince’s messages because he revealed the true person of Jesus Christ. I want to give all the glory to Jesus because without Him, I would still have remained as the “scum of society”. Instead, Jesus transformed me from a failure to a top student! Praise the Lord!

Erwin | Singapore


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