Praise Report: Freedom From Pain

I went to the Grace Revolution service in Dallas on November 15 and learned from Pastor Prince that partaking of the bread of Jesus’ body in the Holy Communion brings about healing and health in one’s body. Pastor Prince also said we could partake regularly like how we would take medicine if we had an ailment, so I began to do that.

On November 21, I wore stud earrings for an event and when I came back home, I was so tired I forgot to take them off. Normally I would remember to take them off because my right ear would always hurt whenever I wore earrings for more than three or four hours. But to my pleasant surprise, even after two days, there was no pain! Glory to God!

I was not expecting this healing, as I have never prayed about it. God is so good! I can wear all my favorite earrings now!

Tatenda Dune | Texas, United States

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