Praise Report: Freed of Thirty-Year Heroin Addiction

I am sixty-two years old. I had struggled with heroin addiction for thirty years and have been to numerous rehabs.I remember lying in my bed wanting to die. I went through my phone looking for a way to pray and found Pastor Prince talking about grace. I prayed and ask Jesus to help me, to free me from this long-time addiction. I stepped out in faith, believing that Jesus could help me. Even though I felt sick and craved the drug, I kept believing.

When I used heroin again, it didn’t work and I felt worse. I kept saying there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus and I am righteous through Jesus. It wasn’t an instant healing. But my thinking started to change. I knew no matter what, Jesus could heal me. When I wanted to give up, He gave me strength to believe. I started to stay in His love for me.

What I could never do to set myself free from the addiction, He has done for me! I thank Him all the time that He has given me my heart’s desire.

Linda Popelack | New Jersey, United States

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