Praise Report: Freed From Wrong Believing and Negative Thoughts

Before listening to Joseph Prince’s message of grace, I was beset with evil thoughts. If I were watching a television show, immoral thoughts would pop into my mind incessantly.

When this happened, my conscience would haunt me to ask for forgiveness from God, and I would do it out of fear. I thought that because of those wrong thoughts, I would not go to heaven. This got to a point that asking for forgiveness became a habit, and I was frustrated. I thought that I was upsetting God.

One day, I watched Joseph Prince’s program on Daystar around midnight and heard him say, “It is not my obedience, but Christ’s obedience, and He makes me righteous.” He also said that those thoughts aren’t mine, but the devil’s or that of the flesh.

Since then, after believing that truth, I have stopped being bombarded by these immoral thoughts when I watch TV.

Glory to Yeshua! Indeed, right believing leads to right living.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Nigeria


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