Praise Report: Freed From Wrong Belief, Seeing Life In Business And Ministry

I was once struggling with the belief that I had committed the unpardonable sin. My ministry was “hit and miss” because of the sense of self-righteousness and condemnation that I carried.

I felt like my life depended on what I did and accomplished. I believed that blessings will only flow if I was doing good, and that my sins will hinder the blessings of God.

But when I started to read the book, Destined To Reign, I felt like one by one, the chains in my life were being broken. Once I finished the book and fully gained the revelations contained within, I was totally set free.

I could breathe deeply once again, knowing that I am righteous by the grace of God.

Since receiving the grace of God, I have begun to reign in life. I restarted a business in November 2014, after six years of inactivity. I also started my own church ministry. Quite honestly, this would have been impossible, since I never went to any Bible school.

But by the grace of God, I am now preaching His grace and the church has started to grow within a short period of time.

I can see the people of God smiling a deep smile that is from their hearts. I know that those smiles came because they’ve started to understand what Christ has done and who we are in Him.

My life has changed. I was once afraid to share the good news because I felt like I carried a huge burden as a Christian. But now, after having understood the truth, I cannot help but share with others the goodness and love of God.

Thank God for He has made all things so easy by His grace. All glory and honor to Him!

Arex Pantallano | Philippines 

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