Praise Report: Freed From Shame, Now Spreading The Gospel

I grew up in a traditional Christian family. My mother used to take me to church and I also attended Sunday School, so I knew who Jesus was. I used to read the Bible but it made me feel very guilty because of the Ten Commandments.

Slowly, I avoided reading the Bible. I also did not like to sit with my family to participate in our daily prayer sessions. It came to a point I wanted nothing to do with Christianity in spite of my mother’s displeasure. I felt ashamed to be a Christian and never dared to tell my friends and colleagues that I was a Christian. It was just pathetic.

The height of my shame came when some of my friends wanted to visit me at home. Before they arrived, I hid all the pictures of Jesus Christ from the walls because I did not want them to know I was a Christian.

Even though I knew Christ, I did not know how much He loved me.

I did not know the true meaning of being a Christian and the extent of Jesus’ love for me. I always tried to justify myself through the law and that always made me guilty. I was totally sin-conscious and because of my sins, I thought that God would curse me, judge me, and put me in hell.

Then one day, I heard Pastor Joseph Prince preach on his program, Destined To Reign, over ZEE TV. I heard something that I never heard before but needed to hear. Pastor Prince said that since we are in Christ, there is therefore no condemnation for us. We are righteous and holy because Christ has made us holy. It was not because of our good deeds but because of His perfect finished work on the cross.

Since then, I started listening to Pastor Prince preach every Sunday on television. However, it was not enough for me so I searched for his sermons on YouTube and started listening every day. I started feeling blessed. Jesus showed me the way that He has purposed for my life.

The shame I used to carry was gone when I began to believe right because of Jesus’ grace.

I also started to pray for those who were sick from my church, my office, and even my friends and they were all healed. I am also sharing the gospel with everyone, without any sense of shame now. I even preached twice in our church. My mother and family are very happy that Jesus is using me for His work.

I really am thankful to Jesus for His amazing grace and the ministers of righteousness, like Pastor Prince, who are chosen to enlighten others with the grace of Jesus. I truly believe that I am a blessed, beloved child of God. Jesus has changed my life from the inside out. It is amazing! I got married a year ago and Jesus has blessed our marriage with a child due in April 2015. Indeed, Pastor Prince, you are right that right believing will lead to right living. As Jesus said, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

Anshuman Gaikwad | India

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