Praise Report: Freed from Sexual Addictions

I have been struggling with sexual immorality for a very long time. At around the age of five, I was sexually molested and I lost my sense of value. Since then, I became addicted to a lifestyle of alcohol, smoking, masturbation, pornography, and engaging in sexual immorality. This led me to become severely depressed and I felt like I was rejected by God. I had many suicidal thoughts.

Then, a friend introduced me to Pastor Prince’s sermons. The way Pastor Prince taught about God’s grace, forgiveness of sins, and righteousness was so new to me. After continually listening for some time, I started believing what Pastor Prince taught and confessed that I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

As I confessed this truth, it seemed as if the addictions grew worse, but by God’s grace I continued listening to Pastor Prince daily on television. I remember praying and asking God to help me understand what he was teaching, because I started having thoughts of doubt toward Pastor Prince.

Well, God answered my prayer and these doubts about Pastor Prince went away as I continued to see how he backed up his teachings with Scripture. Soon afterwards, I started seeing how much God loves me and that He does not condemn me because I am in Christ Jesus.

As I saw that, what felt like a heavy burden lifted off my life. Along with that, the sexual addictions also left my life! I am free from the addictions, in love with God, and I continually boast of His love for me.

Grace has accomplished in my life what self-discipline could not even after many years of trying. I am now turning thirty years of age and my life is getting sweeter every day.

I always thank God for Pastor Prince and his God-given ministry. God used him to change my life. All glory to God!

Anthony Njoroge | Kenya

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  • Paul GodsBeloved Mwaùra says:

    Amazing. Am from Kenya too. JP has really impacted us. The only problem is that the christian station (FAMILY TV) that airs him, also airs other preachers of Law and Mixture. I was really condemned when i was watching everything 24/7 when i was going through a dark time in 2014. I was swallowing the hook, line, sinker, fisherman and his boots. The other station is a secular one (KTN) but airs JP just once a week on Sundays for 30minutes. I feel a strong desire to have a station that airs JP EXCLUSIVELY 24/7 locally. Mixture can drive you crazy man. I ended up in a mental institution later. Condemnation really kills. I hope JP talks to his friends Matt Crouch and Joni Lamb. TBN and Daystar should be airing radical grace 24/7. Depressed people tune in and if JP isnt on, my goodness! They get shepherds who beat (condemn) or even worse, fleece (exploit financially). I remember watching one who said we need to offer our “Isaac” on the alter. I felt condemned, took a loan, sent the money (with a wrong mentality) and became even more broke. I tuned in to TBN the other day and that guy was preaching. I switched off the TV in a lightening speed hahaha. I dont want anymore “Isaacs” in my ears. I love how JP teaches on tithing. Very well, explaining the Hebrew. Infact i downloaded a sermon from new creation website titled The Benefits Of Tithing, and i listened to it repeatedly until it sunk deep.

    Its like there is a Holy fed-upness of all these nonsense in the body of Christ. Preachers insulting the work of Christ and fleecing the sheep. We need grace to be aired 24/7 everywhere.

    Keep doing your thing Joseph Prince. Praying for you and family. On Sunday (17th Feb 2019) you shared how Justin fell but we thank God he is alright. Thanks to the official sermon notes, now we can access the message as soon as it is preached. TV airs many months later.

    All glory to our all together lovely Saviour, Jesus!!!!!

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