Praise Report: Freed from Painful Cramps After Twenty Years

I had been suffering from extremely painful monthly cramps since puberty almost twenty years ago. They can sometimes be so bad that I pass out. I even began to throw up because of the pain.

I used to take the maximum number of prescribed painkillers, but they made me so sick I had to stop taking them. The only relief I had was to stay in bed for almost a full week with a heating pad on my stomach and sweat through the pain. I’ve seen multiple doctors who could only prescribe painkillers. I even tried vitamins and diets to balance my hormones, but nothing worked.

I had received a miraculous healing once while listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons so I knew God could heal me. But no matter how much I prayed, listened to the Word, partook of the holy Communion, and declared healing over myself, nothing happened. I even prayed and asked God how to receive my healing. I started to wonder if it was God’s way of making me rest once a month and that was why He wasn’t healing me.

Well, recently, when Pastor Prince was declaring a healing word over the people, he spoke over a brother with blocked arteries and said something about “new arteries” or a “new heart.” Then he asked all of us to place our hands on the part of our body that was in pain. I wasn’t in pain at the time, but I was sitting down with my hands resting on my stomach. I then felt the Lord’s prompting to firmly place my hands on my stomach.

As Pastor Prince was praying, I felt the Spirit whisper, “Ask for a new womb.” It had never occurred to me to ask for that. I always asked for healing. So as Pastor was praying over us, I prayed for a new womb. I felt nothing, no change or sensation at all.

Several hours later, I felt more hungry than usual. I thought maybe my blood sugar was low, so I ate something quickly. When I went to the restroom shortly after, I was completely shocked to find that my cycle had started! And I had felt NOTHING!

I fully expected it to start a week later, but I was again shocked to learn that I was on exactly day twenty-eight, meaning I was having what is called a normal cycle. After five days, apart from a much larger appetite and two very short moments of light discomfort, I had absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever! What’s more, my mind was completely clear, and I have been able to function normally!

Never have I imagined such freedom from pain. All I have been able to say all week is, “Thank You, Jesus!”

Anonymous | Georgia, United States