Praise Report: Freed From Hypertension

In late 2014, during a regular check up, my systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure reading that measures the pressure on the arteries) was found to be one hundred and sixty.

I was shocked as my blood pressure had never been so high before. I thought it could be due to the rush to get to the clinic. After my consultation with the doctor, the nurse measured my blood pressure again and now, the machine could not even detect my blood pressure as it was beyond the machine’s maximum limit!

My sister, who was a doctor, advised me to take my blood pressure regularly. My blood pressure remained consistently high for a month. My sister wanted to start me on medication but I refused knowing that once I did so, I would have to be on it forever.

Since I refused to listen to her, my sister then referred me to a cardiologist who used a 24-hour blood pressure device to monitor my blood pressure every fifteen minutes. The average reading was around 155 and he concluded that I had hypertension. I had no choice but to take medicine to lower my blood pressure. The cardiologist also sent me for further tests to determine the cause of my hypertension, as I am only in my late thirties, but he couldn’t pin down the cause.

In early December 2014, I shared about my condition with my care group and my leader prayed for me. I continued to trust Jesus to heal me and partook of the Holy Communion daily.

One day in early January this year, I felt very giddy. My sister advised me to stop my medication and monitor my blood pressure. I was shocked that my blood pressure had dropped to 100/60! (A normal reading is around 120/80.) Low blood pressure had caused the dizziness.

At that point in time, I believed that the Lord had healed me and the medicine lowered my blood pressure further. I stopped taking the medicine and four days later, I went to see the cardiologist. He was baffled as my blood pressure was now normal and concluded that I no longer had hypertension. I also didn’t have any symptoms of low blood pressure.

Praise Jesus! I am completely healed! What is impossible with man is possible with Jesus. Indeed, this is the year of His restoration for me, right at the beginning of the year. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for blessing us with the message of grace.

Grace Yeo | Singapore

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