Praise Report: Freed From Drug Addiction, Now Pastoring Church For The Deaf

My wife and I are deaf. We were also once-drug addicts who have been sober for over six years now. This is my testimony of how I was freed from my addiction and how God has transformed my life.

I was an only child who had been told my birth had been a mistake. When I was six, I was sexually abused. This went on until I was twelve. I never had the chance to meet my real father. He died when I was nine and that triggered my addiction to all kinds of hardcore drugs at a young age.

In order to support my $350-a-day drug habit, I committed many crimes. Eventually, I was caught and imprisoned for two-and-a-half years. That was when I received Christ. However, I came under legalistic teachings. Shortly after I was released from prison, I went back to taking drugs and it got worse than before. The relapse led me to drug rehabilitation in January 2010.

Not long after I got out of rehab, my wife, whom I’d met while in prison, stumbled upon Joseph Prince’s sermons while watching television one morning. He unveiled our eyes to the gospel of grace. Even though my wife and I are deaf, we continued to watch Joseph Prince’s sermons on television via closed captions and read his books and online devotionals.

After getting hold of the gospel, our lives were transformed. My wife and I fell in love with Jesus big time and we were freed from our addictions—and we’ve been freed till this day! I became the senior pastor for a deaf church and now my ministry is spreading through the Internet because I also preach online.

To this day—after being saved for nearly ten years—many people still cannot believe how much I’ve changed especially because I grew up persecuting Christians by throwing eggs at them, scratching their cars, and believing they were bad people.

Many believers in our church also have life-changing testimonies after hearing the same message I heard from Joseph Prince. His teachings has not only transformed our lives, but the lives of our church members’ too.

Praise the Lord! Pastor Prince, may your ministry continue to bless people. You will always have my full support and prayers.

Casey Porter | Wisconsin, United States

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