Praise Report: Freed From Depression, Now Serving In Church

Two years ago, I was an insecure, severely depressed, and suicidal seventeen-year-old boy. I hated life and was down all the time. I tried going to parties, drinking, and experimenting with drugs. I read psychology books on how to be happy, which would help for a week or two, but never gave me abiding satisfaction.

I used to go to church when I was growing up but stopped when my parents split up. I was technically a “Christian” and I spoke to God a lot but found the process so tiresome. I falsely believed that I would have to plead for forgiveness and do a tedious religious obstacle course in my mind to get to the point of thinking that just maybe, I might be righteous enough for a few moments for God to hear my prayer.

I was in the darkest period of my life and had barely a glimmer of hope. But little did I know that at this time, God had already begun His plan to rescue me. He began to unveil Jesus through Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons and books.

I have received the greatest revelation of God’s grace and have been tremendously impacted by Jesus’ unconditional love and unmerited favor. I now know that I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, the one and only who could ever possibly make it so. I also know that I can always run to my Daddy God anytime, anywhere, in any situation, and He will receive me with open arms because He carries a burning desire to help, care for, and bless me.

Today, I am currently planted in a local church, happily and fruitfully serving in various forms. All high-fives to Jesus!

Josiah Gray | Australia

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