Praise Report: Freed from Anxiety, Enjoying Renewed Closeness With God

I have been a Christian for thirty-three years and have served in various capacities in the church. Despite that, I always felt anxious, depressed, and angry. Life was an uphill struggle and I always felt alone carrying the burden of supporting my family even though I have a wonderful, caring wife and amazing children. I never felt good enough about myself and was fearful of losing my job.

Although God has been faithfully blessing me, I felt distant from God and felt that I couldn’t hear from Him. I knew from the Word that God loves me but I didn’t feel loved. I also could not share the gospel with anyone because I felt the Christian life was too difficult.

Then it all changed when I heard Pastor Joseph Prince talk about God’s grace and love, the importance of entering God’s rest, and how important it is not to mix law and grace. I felt so alive and set free!

Now I have an amazing sense of God’s love. I am now involved in our Healing Rooms Ministry and I am so excited to tell people how amazing God is, how much He loves them, and how the gospel is truly good news.

I thank God for Pastor Prince and for his amazing insight, teaching, and even his unique sense of humor.

Graham Smith | New Zealand

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