Praise Report: Freed From Anxiety, Brother Cleared Of Pneumonia And Heart Condition

I listened to Pastor Prince’s teachings for an entire month and was set free from symptoms of anxiety.

I also have a testimony regarding my brother. He was warded in hospital for pneumonia. Three out of seven tests also confirmed that he had blood clots in the arteries of his heart. We prayed and claimed in faith that my brother would not have to suffer because Jesus had already suffered on his behalf at the cross.

After more tests, the doctors told us they could neither find pneumonia nor blood clots in my brother. Our heavenly Father is truly loving and caring! We can always approach Him for whatever we need. I give Him all the glory for His grace and what He has done.

I also thank God for using Pastor Prince as a mouthpiece for the gospel of grace. The gospel truly feeds the hungry in soul and spirit.

Bridgette Norris | New Jersey, United States

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