Praise Report: Freed from Alcohol and Smoking Addiction

I have been a Christian since my college years. One day I happened to see Pastor Prince’s book Grace Revolution in a store. I’d heard of his name before and decided to buy the book. As soon as I began reading, my eyes opened and a fire burned in me like never before! I didn’t know how hungry I was to hear the true gospel of grace. 

The desire for alcohol that I had consumed regularly since my high school years went away. I have also stopped smoking and have abstained from pre-marital sex for a year now—something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. My caffeine consumption has also drastically decreased. 

I know it was the Holy Spirit that led me to be at the right place at the right time to buy the book that has changed my life! I am so on fire for the Word of God now and so glad God chose Pastor Prince to deliver the truth that is so desperately needed. 

I have read so many of Pastor Prince’s books and have shared his teachings with many others. I am now able to read the Bible with a deeper understanding. I’m excited about my new walk with Jesus! 

Melissa | Delaware, United States

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