Praise Report: Freed From Adultery, Healed Of Depression And Heart Problems

Pastor Prince, I committed adultery in 2004 and became pregnant. When I confessed this to my husband, he confided in my pastors and I got kicked out of church.

Over the next four years, I suffered heart palpitations, depression, and anxiety attacks. I couldn’t think straight or sleep at night. I was hospitalized almost every week and was under so many medications.

Once, I even lost control of my car while pregnant and driving my two little boys. After that, I wasn’t allowed to drive anymore.

My personality also changed drastically—I became angry all the time and turned into a very mean mother. I would scream and yell at my boys and they became afraid of me. I was even afraid of myself.

When I turned thirty, I was told I had to have a pacemaker due to heart problems. Things got worse after that. I started having suicidal thoughts every day, not only to kill myself but my children too. My mother had to look after my children instead, and I would lock myself in a closet and cry. I told God that I knew I deserved all the bad things that were happening to me.

After I gave birth, my pastors allowed me to attend prayer meetings. People from these meetings would bring up my past and I would feel condemned. Then, the father of my newborn child showed up again in my life and I committed adultery for the second time. I told myself, “That’s it, I’m a sinner. I tried to stay faithful to my husband but I just can’t.”

I confessed to my husband again about what had happened but saw a different reaction this time—he forgave me and said he had been listening to your messages and encouraged me to do so as well. I also found out that my church and pastor had also started listening to your teachings.

Since then, my church has been transformed! Pastor Prince, you’re right in saying that the more we know Jesus, the more we don’t want to sin. I have read all your books and have been freed from condemnation and am no more in adultery. I also do not require any medication as I have been healed of depression, anxiety attacks, and heart problems.

Today, I am a happy, joyful person and do not have any suicidal thoughts. I can also sleep well at night. This transformation means so much to me. In addition, I didn’t end up getting the pacemaker thanks to hearing your messages.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace. It has been a blessing to me and my church! We love you and may God bless you!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | California, United States

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