Praise Report: Freed From Adultery After Reading Destined To Reign

I am an 18-year-old girl, being raised by a devout Christian mother who encouraged me to attend church regularly. However, the churches that I had been attending since I was a child would preach messages of grace mixed with the law and it was dreadful.

The messages created fear in me and even though I tried to keep the law as best as I could, I fell into the sin of adultery. It would go in cycles: I would sin, feel the guilt, confess my sin, feel “clean”—only to sin all over again. I would go round and round in this sin cycle, and I was never sure whether I would make it to heaven although I believed in Jesus. I felt as if believing in Jesus was not enough.

In 2008, someone gave Joseph Prince’s book, Destined To Reign, to my father. As my father does not read English, the book was left lying on the shelf. One day, I happened to read it out of boredom and I almost couldn’t believe what I read.

But it was not until four years later, after asking God to help me with my problems that I started watching Joseph Prince’s videos online, and my life was transformed forever. God’s grace has freed me from adultery and whenever I feel tempted, I would seek the Lord to help me overcome the temptation.

My relationship with my brother, who physically and mentally abused me when I was a child, has also been healed and he is now one of my best friends.

So to the people out there who think that the message of grace is a license to sin and not pleasing to the Lord, hopefully, my testimony will reassure them that it is not.

May your ministry continue to grow and may you continue to preach the grace and love of Jesus. God bless you!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Indonesia


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