Praise Report: Freed from Addictions, Depression, and Anxiety

About 18 months ago, I lost my boyfriend in an accident. When I got the news he passed away, I had a nervous breakdown. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and move anything in my body. When I reached home, I went straight to bed to read my Bible but while reading, I threw it across the room yelling, “How can God let my boyfriend die?” From that point on, I stopped believing in God even though I grew up in a Christian home and knew all about the miracles of God.

As I finished school that year, I became addicted to alcohol and nicotine. I thought of committing suicide and drugged myself with antidepressants and sleeping pills every night. I had no reason to live anymore. I didn’t care about the relationship with my friends and family.

God spoke to me in dreams and visions about my late boyfriend. He showed me that my boyfriend was in heaven. One night, I experienced the Lord’s presence while singing worship songs. I “found” God again but my relationship with Him was still not right.

While doing Christmas shopping, I saw Joseph Prince’s book No More Mind Games in a Christian bookstore. I felt led to buy the book but I never read it. The next year, I started university and fell back into old habits of consuming alcohol and nicotine and partying every night. I made friends with the wrong people and stopped going to church. I lied to myself that everything was okay.

Then COVID-19 hit and my country went into lockdown. My parents told me they could tell something was wrong with me, and we decided to do Bible study every morning together as a family. I finally started to read No More Mind Games and wow, did it change my life!

I really got to see and know Jesus, and all His amazing promises and good plans He has for me. I learned about His grace and about the most amazing present He gave to me when He died for all my sins on the cross. I left my old bad habits and was healed of my depression, anxiety, and pain.

I am still growing in my relationship with the Lord every day and learning and discovering new things about Him. My spirit is burning, and I am so hungry to learn and study more about the Lord. I am currently reading Pastor Prince’s book The Power of Right Believing, discovering the truth to the Christian way of living and living my best life every day.

I am still praying for my late boyfriend’s family to see God’s plan for them and trust in Him and His timing. Amen!

Bless you and your ministry, Pastor Prince. And thank you for encouraging me to live my best life in Jesus!

Mikyla Keyser | South Africa

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