Praise Report: Freed from 20-Year Pot Smoking Addiction

I was delivered from a twenty-year addiction to pot smoking by proclaiming, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” I felt ridiculous saying it but out of desperation I decided to do it by faith after hearing all the testimonies.

After a few weeks, I was delivered from my addiction without any withdrawal symptoms or desire to smoke again! This was a miracle because I was never able to quit even after many attempts. I am now hooked on hearing the gospel of grace. I listen to Joseph Prince’s sermons daily, sometimes all night.

I am amazed at Jesus’ love and grace. This addiction started in my fifties, and I’m now in my seventies. So it’s not only young people who can be freed from years of addiction. Thank you so much, Pastor Prince. I hope this testimony encourages someone.

Anonymous | South Carolina, United States

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