Praise Report: Freed from 16-Year Smoking Addiction

I started smoking as a teenager and was bound by the habit for about 16 years. I began attending New Creation Church in 2012 and was amazed to hear so many testimonies of people being delivered from various addictions just by hearing and believing the Word of God’s love and grace. 

I’d tried to give up the habit a few times in the past but it barely lasted 3 days before I’d return to smoking again. So I gave up on trying to give up. I felt condemned, guilty, and didn’t like the fact I was bound by something so harmful. I prayed and when I heard testimonies from others, I started to ask the Lord, “Why not me, Lord?”  

One day, I got a hold of Pastor Prince’s teachings on wisdom and realized I had a lack of it in my life. I then started asking the Lord for wisdom to free me from the habit. One day I smoked the last packet I had and told the Lord I wanted it to be the last packet I smoked.  

I experienced some withdrawal struggles during the next few weeks and thoughts of giving up loomed in my mind. But I kept using His wisdom to counter those thoughts. Eventually I did not have any urge to smoke anymore. Praise Jesus! 

It has been 5 years since then. I sometimes share my testimony with other believers who want to be liberated of their addictions and tell them that if Jesus can do it for me, He can do it for them too.  

Thank You, Lord Jesus. And thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the wonderful message of God’s grace. The goodness of God surely leads to repentance. 

Jayson | Singapore 

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