Praise Report: Free from Condemnation and Negative Thoughts

I have been saved for thirty years and have had tormenting thoughts, voices, and bondage all my life. I had absolutely no self-worth and was unable to believe God loved me and accepted my new identity in Christ Jesus. As a believer, I was still living by the law and my performance, and I was not able to fully embrace or understand the fullness of God’s grace and His love for me.

However, through listening to messages by Joseph Prince, I learned that I had wrong thoughts and beliefs for decades. Praise the Lord, I have been set free from all condemnation, unworthiness, and torment from my brokenness and broken thoughts!

Since then, I have become a partner of Pastor Prince’s ministry. I listen to all the sermons on the Joseph Prince app and read his books. This ministry is truly anointed in bringing and unveiling the risen Lord Jesus to the world.

God bless Pastor Prince for being such a genuine and sincere servant of the Lord. All praise to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Anonymous | Alabama, United States