Praise Report: Free from Alcohol Addiction, Relationship with Children Restored

My children had been taken away from me in 1983. Their mother married another man who adopted my children, and they tried to prevent me from seeing them again.  

One night, I was pretty intoxicated and feeling depressed. I remember feeling like I was all alone with absolutely nobody to help me or understand the pain I was going through. I was even contemplating suicide. 

That night I tuned in to Pastor Prince’s sermon. When I heard his sermon, I began to sob uncontrollably and fell to the floor on my knees, begging God to take my life as I truly didn’t want to suffer one more day without my children. I went to bed that night still feeling depressed and hopeless. 

The next morning, I got up to start drinking as usual and fixed my first drink of the day—beer and tomato juice. When I tried to take a sip, I found that I couldn’t stand the smell or taste of alcohol. I tried again with just beer and still couldn’t stand the smell or taste of it. I’ve never taken another drink since that day and still cannot stand the smell of alcohol to this day. 

That was just the beginning of my life transformation. The Lord’s grace restored to me everything I’d lost over the past years, plus extra. The Lord also gave me grace to get my driver’s license reinstated and my social security disability benefits approved within 2 weeks. Within a month, I reconnected with my children on social media and am enjoying a very close and loving relationship with them today. 

Mack | Ohio, United States  

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