Praise Report: Father’s Health Restored, Passed Exam

A million thanks to God that His salvation came to our family. It was in 2014 when we came to know that my dad was suffering from Hepatitis C. It was very painful for me to watch him suffering from the symptoms.

One day, as I was searching through YouTube, I saw Pastor Prince’s message titled, Step Into God’s Greater Glory. Hearing the message gave me a sense of relief and hope. I began watching his messages and reading his Daily Grace Inspirations devotionals. The way I prayed completely changed too.

In August 2014, my dad suddenly became unconscious and was in the intensive care unit for ten days. During those days, we experienced God’s grace and love for us, and we rested in Jesus’ finished work. After a few days, my dad was discharged and he was restored to greater health and strength.

Now we are restful concerning his health because we believe God has restored divine health to him.

God has also given me restoration in a glorious way. Last year, I failed my examination twice. When I saw and received Pastor Prince teaching that it is all about the grace of God and the finished work of our Lord Jesus on the cross, I started seeing victory. Praise be to God, I passed my examination! It was all by God’s love and grace!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your inspiring and revelatory sermons. God bless you, your family, and your ministry!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | India

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