Praise Report: Father Received Blessed Assurance

In October 2013, my eighty-four-year-old father was diagnosed with liver cancer. I travelled from Georgia to South Carolina to assist with his care, and I shared with him about Pastor Prince and his wonderful teachings on God’s grace.

My father had been a pastor for almost sixty years and was very familiar with Christian principles. When he heard me share about Pastor Prince, he told me that while he was watching Trinity Broadcasting Network, he had noticed this Asian young man in a leather jacket but had never stopped to listen to what he had to say.

About two or three weeks before my father passed away in January 2014, he told me that he had listened to a sermon by Joseph Prince that spoke about how God showed grace to David.

My father looked radiant and so full of peace after hearing the sermon.

He said that even though he had heard similar sermons throughout his ministry, he had never received such a revelation in his sixty years of preaching and listening to the Word of God.

I know that whatever Pastor Prince ministered that day gave my father such a sense of relief and peace that he went on to heaven with blessed assurance and jubilation.

By the way, I have been a partner of Joseph Prince Ministries for several years and I have had so much joy in knowing that not just my father, but also millions of people all around the world are being saved and set free by the message of God’s grace.

May blessings continue for Pastor Prince, his family, and his ministry for their obedience to God.

Martha Fleming | Georgia, United States        

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  • Asinde Anna says:

    Every day of my life im lifted up my life is upward and forward im living a life of multiplying grace
    God bless the ministry and Pastor

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