Praise Report: Family Healed of COVID-19, Blessed to Be a Blessing

Pastor Prince, I am an ordained minister who was under another ministry for seventeen years. Our family had been very active in that ministry and even traveled with them. We were tithing, sowing, and even giving our mortgage money to support the ministry.

Yet, my family and I felt so condemned when we did not have the money to give the amount that was asked. I felt such disparity and knew something was wrong but did not know what it was.

One day, while in my kitchen, I looked up toward the heavens and lifted my hands to the Lord with tears pouring down my face. I asked the Lord to teach me Himself about giving the way He wanted me to give.

Six months later, I was flipping through channels early one morning when I heard Joseph Prince expound on the love of God and how Jesus went to the cross for our sins.

I could not help but stay and camp at that channel. I believed the Lord wanted me to learn, hear, and trust in Him. It was not easy at first as I always felt like I had to do something for God. As I changed my perception of God, I shared His love to my husband and children as well.

In March 2020, my husband, youngest daughter, and eldest son tested positive for COVID-19. While my son’s and daughter’s symptoms weren’t life-threatening, my husband was truly near death. He was coughing blood and quarantined for seven weeks, but he refused to be hospitalized for fear of death from ventilation.

We put our trust in the Lord Jesus to heal our family. Not only was I protected from contracting the virus, I was able to be the care giver to my loved ones. I declared Psalm 91 every day and partook of the holy Communion. I also applied the anointing oil on them by faith.

After seven weeks, my husband, son, and daughter were all healed of COVID-19! We also had the chance to be a blessing to other families who had loved ones that contracted the virus. I shared with them about the things Pastor Prince taught me about God’s heart for us to be healthy and well.

One particular friend was in the hospital for many weeks on the ventilator. I had begun praying with his wife and partaking of the Communion with her. He later shared about how the Lord saved him while he was ventilated so that he became well enough to go back home to recover.

I believe the Lord led me to Joseph Prince’s sermons and blessed me and so many others with what he teaches daily. Over the past ten years of listening to your messages daily, partnering with you, and partaking of the holy Communion, our lives have truly been changed. We now know and believe we have been forgiven of all our sins and made righteous through the precious blood of Jesus.

Anonymous | New York, United States

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