Praise Report: Experiencing Restoration In Every Area Of Life

I was introduced to the teachings of Joseph Prince a little over a year ago. Although I grew up in a strong Christian environment, I never knew all the nuances of the law I was operating under, and therefore how much of grace I was missing out on. I also never knew that faith comes by hearing the truth, or that doubt, fear and worry were all from the enemy.

Since I’ve learned of the mind-blowing implications of grace on my everyday life, learned to speak aloud what I believe, and learned to release my worries by renewing my mind with God’s promises, life for me has changed.

I’m far from the person I was a year ago. I feel more confident in God’s promises and unconditional love for me. I’ve also experienced several miracles—financial breakthroughs, physical healing and restored relationships.

I possessed an outstanding debt of almost $1,000 for over a year and was struggling to pay it off. In one day, not only was that debt miraculously forgiven, but hundreds of dollars I’d paid toward the debt was returned to me! I was able to use that money to pay off another debt! So in just a day, I went from owing two large debts to having them cancelled and paid! It was indeed a double blessing from God!

In addition, a recurring wart on my thumb was completely gone within a few weeks after I’d spoken to it. The wart was bothering me for about two years and even with a surgery to remove the root, it had still grown back.

Finally, but closest to my heart, is that my mother and I have begun communicating again after almost a year of silence. Prior to that, I did not know if I’ll ever get to speak with her again. I am trusting God that He will continue healing my relationship with my mother and with the rest of my family.

Everything is so much easier with Jesus! I’m so thankful that God has fully equipped us for life through the gift of His Beloved Son. My life and belief system has taken flight since hearing God’s messages through Joseph Prince. I’m thankful to God for not just saving my soul, but saving my life on this earth, not only from death, but also from every entanglement of doubt, worry and fear. I cannot wait to see God’s miraculous and beautiful provision! God bless you all!

Heidi Steinrock | South Carolina, US

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  • Sharon says:

    Thank you Lord, for all your promises of good health and more. You are worthy Father, of Grace and Honor, and Glory. Thank you.

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