Praise Report: Experiencing God’s Goodness In Every Area

Your ministry has been a tremendous blessing to me. I first began listening to you around June 2012 and my life has not been the same since. Your preaching of the gospel has helped me get through some of the toughest times and now, I’m experiencing blessings in all areas of my life.

Just 12 months ago, I was without a job. However, through your teachings, I was able to put my trust in the Lord’s grace. I began seeing supernatural supply even in the midst of my joblessness and now, I have a job that I love and cannot imagine doing anything else.

When I was sick in my body, your message of grace taught me how to stand on God’s Word unto the manifestation of my healing. I’m now on my way to receiving 110 percent healing in Jesus’ name!

In addition, my relationships have been blessed. My home has also been blessed. And as I learn to turn everything over to the Lord who delights in blessing every part of my life, I’m experiencing blessings in my finances too.

My view of God has changed so dramatically that I don’t believe I can articulate it with words. As the lyrics of an old song goes, “God’s been so good to me. I couldn’t tell it if I tried.” And even though I have experienced some hardships along the way, just knowing that Jesus is with me even in the midst of the hardship gives me strength to make it through my storms.

Pastor, I am praying for you and your ministry. The world needs to hear what the Lord has given you to say. Shalom and God bless you!

Terrence Ingram | Alabama, US

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